Saturday, October 15, 2016


We always talk about eating healthy food with the children, but many of the little ones upon questioning, are not really clear just what food is healthy.  It's even a bit of a grey area for us adults...fruit yoghurts, homemade pizza and muffins - where do they fit in?   Fruits and veges are a good start.  So our main goal this week was to:
  • name a variety of common fruits and veges
  • identify a fruit v vege (quite tricky it seems)
  • think about what food is treat food and what food is healthy food
We tied this all in with The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. 

Some of our activities included:
  • finding books both fiction and non fiction featuring healthy eating
  • tasting veges and creating a bar graph of our favourite then interpreting the data 
  • PPT on common fruits / veges and treat food 
  • making fruit salad using fruit 'counters'. 
  • fruit and vegetable prints
  • making a class story 'The Very Healthy Caterpillar'
  • making fruit kebabs
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