Saturday, May 5, 2012


 My 4 year olds love making graphs and have become expert at 'reading' and discussing them.  Back at the beginning of the year we created graphs for each of our 5 senses.  The children placed photos of themselves (blurred here for privacy) in the appropriate place on a graph.  Many of the children enjoyed explaining the graph to a parent.

They charted their favourite 'smell' before making (and tasting) a yummy fruit salad.
They discovered that while many of them love the feeling of soft fluff, more of them like a smooth, cool feeling.  No-one liked the bumps.
As we got better at creating graphs we started graphing our friends. Lots of people in our class have brown eyes.
Our favourite activity was for 'taste'.  Bitter dark chocolate was the most popular.

We also listened to different types of music and discovered that we have a class of 'rock & rollers'.

Creating graphs - a great activitiy for maths and language development as well as understanding our 5 senses.

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