Friday, October 21, 2011


We are going to spend the week on Diwali this year with an assembly at the end of the week.  I am going to us a lot of my previous ideas and add a couple of new ones.  I will be updating this post over the week as I finish off projects with the children.

Story of Diwali and related activities for technology and language.
* My Favourite Day - Diwali.

Elephants of India pattern focus and pingerpainting.
Clay diyas.
* Jewellery making using coloured pasta tube pasta.

* Reading stories of Diwali.
* Making an Indian sweet. Perhaps stuffing apricot halves with cream cheese and coconut.
* Trying on Indian clothes including the jewellery and bindi.
* Powerpoint with the children's recall and pictures created after hearing the story.

* Making sparkly paper lanterns.
Rangoli patterns for our maths focus.
Colouring in for those children who can't get enough (ugh)
* Learning some Hindi words.  'Namastae' - hello, 'Shukria' - thank you


the bees house said...

Diwali looks so colourful and cheerful

Shar said...

It is! We are having so much fun with this celebration. :)