Monday, August 29, 2011

BACK TO SCHOOL - sites for creating great classroom displays

Mrs Pancake

Mrs Pancake has the loveliest visuals. This site is great for themed alphabets, and numerals, letters and numbers for making banners, posters, calendars and cute ideas for things to make and do.

Literacy letters
Mrs Pancake's letters to print out and create banners.
Teachers Pet is a relatively new and growing site packed with fantastic resources from displays to worksheet and all sorts of teachers support.   I printed out this lovely visual timetable snake (below) last year.  Every morning my helper for the day would stick on the 'activities' in the order they would take place.  A few o the children found our 'what will we do today' snake very reassuring.  We included ordinal number labels later on in the year.

Visual timetable snake from Teachers Pet
Communication 4 All is choc block full of gorgeous display materials to print, including borders and posters.  I find something new everytime I look.  The powerpoint displays are amazing.

Children border
Twinkl is another great site full of displays, photos, games and worksheet.  I give each child an alphabet strip at the beginning of the year.
Twinkl alphabet strip
Enjoy and happy decorating!

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Shumaila said...

Hi shar

Just got to your blog through comment you made on my veg blog a while back. Great stuff here for me as I am homeschooling my two little girls for a few months...

On another note, I have just started posting again about growing veg this season...check out the blog and let us know if you are planning to do any planting this year...