Thursday, June 30, 2011

UNDER THE SEA DIORAMA - mermaids and yellow submarines

The children LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this activity.  Our theme was the 'sea' and the children had enjoyed watching the music video to the song 'Under the Sea' and singing along to 'The Yellow Submarine'.  We read books and talked about what we might see under the sea in the real world and in fantasy worlds.      

The first step was for the children to draw their design on a piece of paper and write down the materials they would need.

Next they all painted a shoe box (or similar).  We started with a base colour and added details the next day.
The children were given clay to create a sculpture for their diorama.
This mermaid was particularly beautiful after being painted.
As were the jellyfish.  Next time I would use plasticine instead of clay as too many of our creations lost limbs.

We added hanging fish some ripples.

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