Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MINIBEASTS TOPIC - addition ladybugs and minibeast creations

The children enjoyed creating a garden for our minibeast display.  We filled it with butterflies with symmetrical wings,   and various other minibeasts. 
The children painted wonderful ladybirds for practising their addition.  Some students were ready for more challenging calculations so were encouraged to add more spots.
The children designed a 'Magical Minibeast' and we wrote out a lits of materials they would need to create their individual works of art.  They are 'flying' across the front of the display.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shar,

That minibeat display looks really good. Especially because you linked it with maths!

A little off topic but seeing as you have so much teaching experience...any tips for a hyper class? for that one off day when they all go off board??


Shar said...

Thank you :)

I favour the Te Whariki or Reggio approach to teaching where it is so much easier to manage the children through managing the environment. However, I am currently teaching British (English) curriculum which is MUCH more structured and academic at this age. I have loads more of those 'off board' days in this environment. I often use Brain Gym hook-ups to calm them down. I also find reading a great story to the whole class engages them all and grounds them a bit too before moving onto calm activities. HTH