Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Several members of my gorgeous class.

We started with a photo projected onto A3 paper.  This gave a a great opportunity to identify facial parts, nostrils, ear lobes, eyelashes, eyebrows etc.  

We had to mix colours to find our skin tone.  We used photos  of ourselves to guide us

Then we filled in other details, like a chadar.

We discovered our hair isn't just one colour.

And we remembered important features like eyebrows.

We painted in the main areas.

And added the details with crayon.

We cut around the outline of our portraits and pasted them onto brightly coloured backing paper.

Thank you to Epsom Street Kindy for the inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Hello, these portraits are very nice, how old are the children who did these portraits?


shar said...

Thank you - I think the children did a great job. :) The children are aged 4 - 5yrs. It did take us some time as we allowed paint to dry before adding more. ie we completed the skin colour and then on another day moved onto doing the hair. I have also worked with older children and their work has been stunning.

Thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. I will try this with my 6-7 yr olds...

When i've done portraits before, they have come out small etc. how did you get your class to do them so big?


shar said...

I took a photo of each child and cropped the photo so that basically it was only head and shoulders. I projected the image onto a interactive whiteboard and resized to fit on an A3 sheet of paper. The children drew around their face, hair, eyes and mouth so that they had a map of their features to guide them. They painted the skin colour first and then used a printed version (small) of their photo to guide them. Good luck! :)

Mrs. Hahn said...

I never thought to use my projector in this way! I love it! I will be doing it soon!! Thank you so much for sharing!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

These are FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing for our Smart Summer Challenge!

pink and green mama