Sunday, December 19, 2010

Handcrafted Christmas / Holiday / New Year Cards

As a few of the children in my class do not celebrate Christmas we talked about other reasons that we might give a card at this time of the year.  We came up with "going on holidays" and "new year".  I modelled the 'greetings' for these cards and asked each child to identify the greeting for the card they would like to create.  After writing their greeting inside (which was not compulsory but something they all wanted to do - yay!) they moved onto printing.
 There were 3 tiny potatoes cut in half and one cut into a square shape.  1 large potato cut in half and another into a long triangle shape.  I made stamp pads out of sponge cloths and paint.  The children started with a scrap piece of paper to work their design out on first.
After the paint had dried they added detail with markers, coloured crayons and glitter glue.  
Some were Christmassy.
Others had a New Years party theme.  
All were gorgeous, original designs. I hope the children's parent appreciate them as much as I did :)

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