Sunday, August 8, 2010


My daughter came home with these lovely 'cakes' from art class the other day.  They look fabulous.  I am not sure that this would be a project that I would try with my 4-5year olds (my daughter is almost 7), but I thought I would post anyway as I might get inspired.  Maybe as props in our 'family corner'.  Vegetables would be fun.
a larger sheet of paper wrapped around scrunched up paper and painted with iridescent paint with tiny bead 'topping'.
same process only the paper has been rolled.
halved dish scourers, painted and topped with cotton wool and a pompom


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

They are seriously adorable!! She did a great job! :-)

Shar Dean said...

Lilli read your comment and says "Thank you". She is very proud, so thank you from both of us :)

Teacher Tom said...

Hmm . . . This makes me wonder if we could come up with a way for preschoolers to do this. There is something about making fantasy desserts that I find very appealing. I'll bet the first two could be achieved . . . I can see this as being very fun. =)

Anonymous said...

Having been following your blog Tom, I have no doubt that you and your children could come up with some amazingly mouthwatering desserts! The trickiest part of the carrot cake (last pic) would be cutting the scourer/sponge in half. The rest is painting and glueing. The cotton wool sticks beautifully to the abrasive scourer. :)