Monday, July 19, 2010


I didn't take nearly enough photos of my students work last year  Some art and craft did get captured though...

The children created some amazing Rainbow Fish out of plasticine. We had been looking at and discussing different fish and parts of a fish and had also read the story 'The Rainbow Fish'. I had sheets of blue paper (would have been nice if the papers were different shades of blue), plasticine in many colours, glitter and pastels on the table.  I had planned on adding sequins for that special rainbow fish touch - maybe next time.
All the children loved learning about Chinese New Year. They worked co-operatively to create a papier mache dragons head and we made a body out of polar fleece.  I made hundreds of small cuts in the polar fleece towards the bottom and the children tied strips of fabric and ribbon. I was surprised at how well they worked together when 'dragon dancing'.  They also did some fabulous still life drawings of mandarins in a bowl and lanterns.
This display is unfinished but when finished represented the life-cycle of a frog. The frogs feet were hand prints and the tongue either zigzag folds or curled with the bug each frog has just captured. The tadpoles in their various stages of development were created using potato stamps and then drawing features on afterwards.
Easter and the Iranian New Year celebration, 'No Rooz' fall around the same time. We made the eggs for our NoRooz display table.  It was nice to be able to make something that was symbolic in both the Muslim and Christian tradition  (Pagan too!)  The children chose rubber bands, leaves, crayons and stickers to decorate their eggs.  The colour bath was food colouring and salt.
Mothers Day was a last minute rush as they celebrate in the UK on a different day to we Antipodeans (oops).  Although these were very rushed projects but they turned out nicely. Each child made a picture frame by tearing up and sticking tissue paper onto card with a photograph size hole cut out of the middle. I had some photocopied black and white photos of each child which they stuck to the back along with a contrasting border.


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

It looks like a very busy and creative year:) I love the cultural influences showing up in the artwork!

Shar Dean said...

Thank you Deborah! We have a very diverse population of children here and exploring cultural celebrations and traditions is very interesting for all of us. Thanks also for being my first poster :D