Friday, July 23, 2010


We use the interactive white board a lot, and over the coming [new] year I plan to share my IWB resources - I just need to make them first!  I have grand plans for all sorts of things. 

In the meanwhile, I want to create a list of all the websites that we have enjoyed using over the past year, both for presentations and as part of a choice in independent play.  

A huge winner is Poisson Rouge .  There are so many areas of interest that I do not think I have exhausted them all yet.  We love trying out the different languages too.
Here are some other links for great IWB sites.


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

I wish I had a White Board - I have never had the chance to use one yet:) They look amazing!!

Shar Dean said...

It's a great tool Deborah. I use it in many, many ways. It's useful for looking at details in illustrations in a book (or if the book is really too small for a whole class experience), I scan the pages and have it on the whiteboard. I want to make movies and edit them with the children this year, so it will be good for that too.

Mr. E said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting Art With Mr. E! :) I'm honored you'd link me! Your site looks great would love to have a white board like that...but $$ issues in our system. Maybe in the future! If you ever have art questions....e-mail me..

Anonymous said...

I love getting kids into technology. We use Poisson Rouge at home, it's great.